Ebola Virus
Ebola Virus

Ebola has been a great concern  at the moment since so many cases has been reported through the world .  The fatality can reach up to 90% however  it has been around 56% . This is the largest epidemics in the history affecting many countries in east Africa. There are couple of reported cases are in united states and other European countries as well. Ebola has created  “Ebola Fever” and Ebola panic”  everywhere in the world.  Although there are many speculation about the Ebola however According the Center for disease control, Here are the facts about EBOLA.

How Does Ebola Spared or How does Ebola Transmit ?

  • Ebola transmit through Bodily fluids like Saliva, urine, sweat, stool, vomit, breast milk, semen of the person who has Ebola.
  • Ebola also transmit through objects (like needles and syringes) that have been contaminated with the virus.
  • So far, it has been know It transmit through infected mammals( Mammals Includes humans, bats, monkeys, and apes).

How Does Not Ebola Spread ?

  • It doesn’t spread through air.
  • It doesn’t Spread through Water.
  • It doesn’t Spread through food (except mammal’s meat).

How to Prevent Ebola Catching You.

  • Always wash your hand with soap or carry hand sanitizer along with you. whenever you feel like you touch something scary with your hand, immediately use sanitizer. Also avoid contact with bodily fluid.
  • Avoid handling the items used by possible infected person that might have contacted bodily fluid such as blood, urine.
  • Try to avoid the hospitals in West Africa that treated Ebola patients.
  • Healthcare professionals treating Ebola patient should follow CDC approved protocol while treating Ebola patient.

Source  Center for Disease Control



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