picture courtesy of @RosieLondoner
picture courtesy of @RosieLondoner

As we all know, September 9 is very near. What is so special about September 9? Well a media event is set to take place on 9th September 2015 where Apple is set to launch their latest iPhone 6s. Many of us are wondering what improvements Apple will implement in its new iPhone from its previous models. Apple tried its best to gather 5 star reviews from the experts by the launch of iPhone 6 and its better version iPhone 6 Plus. Both smartphone models brought stunning improvements from the previous models.

IPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were very much perfect but still some improvements were required. It’s not only about the expensiveness of Apple products but there are shortcomings in their products that need attention. We will try to bring Apple’s attention to some of those things here in our article.


  1. Durability of Apple Products

All devices of current age are becoming more and more delicate. Especially the smartphones of current day and age are very fragile and thus special attention must be paid on the durability of smartphones. Many of Apple’s customers are leaving Apple’s products because of the fragile nature of Apple products. However, we have news that Apple iPhone 6s will be using 7000 series aluminium which was previously used in Apple Watch sports.

  1. Phone Security

Although Apple iPhones are considered one of the most secure smartphones around the world but still there are some loopholes in their security which can cause some serious problems for users. These security issues can prove to be very deadly for business customers because their phones contain very precious documents. Apple must focus on adding more technology in their security department.


These two points must be given urgent attention by the makers of Apple iPhones. Once these issues are solved then the sales of iPhones will go to the next level.


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