A pimple is a little pustule or papule. Pimples are commonly known as zits or spots Pimples are an inflammation of the skin in which the sebaceous glands (oil glands) become infected with bacteria, swell up, and fill with pus.

It is very usual that most of us get an ugly red spot has appeared the day before an important event or date. Pimple occurs when the sebaceous organs, get to be overactive. Excess sebum secretion by the oil glands is the primary cause of pimple. Pimples generally occur on the face, neck, back and shoulders.

1. Lemon

via: clker
via: clker

Lemon juice is rich in vitamin C and is very effective in treating pimples. It contains citric acid which promotes the removal of dead cells from skin. This also works as a germicide and kill microscopic organisms as well as astringent present help to remove overabundance oil.

Don’t overuse lemon as it has acidic property which can ruin your skin. It can stings and make it too dry.

  • Apply lemon juice on the affected area using cotton balls. Wash after 10 minutes and pat dry.
  • Mix lemon juice with cinnamon powder and apply in the pimple. Let it dry and wash off with cool water.

2. Tea tree oil


Tea tree oil is very good for treating acne and pimples. It has antibacterial properties that help to get rid of the microscopic organisms that cause skin issues. Tea tree oil isn’t like the oil your skin naturally produces, rather it is more like a solvent that cuts through the extra sebum and dead skin cells, and unblock the pores.  But before using it, it should always be diluted. Don’t use for sensitive skin.

  • Mix oil with water in 1:9 ratios. Dip cotton ball in it and apply in the affected area. Wash it after 15 minutes.
  • Mix few drops of tea tree oil in 1 tbsp. of aloe vera gel. Apply to the affected area and wash off after 20 minutes.

3. Orange peel

orange peel

Orange contains ascorbic acid and vitamin C which make them a potent cure for pimples. Vitamin C promotes the growth of new healthy cells and keeps your skin in better condition as well. They are very easy to use but if you feel burning sensation which will rarely happen then stop using it.

  • Grind the orange peel and make a paste. Apply this on pimples and leave for 30 minutes. Wash off with cool water.
  • Gently rub the peels on the pimples and dab them with orange juice.

4. Honey and cinnamon

honey and cinnamon

Honey and cinnamon both have natural antimicrobial properties and both of the make a killer combination to destroy pimples. It is also called as a burning face mask as it burns for first five minutes. But honey contains healing and pain relieving properties which soothes the skin.

  • Mix pinch of cinnamon powder with 2 spoon honey and blend well. Apply it to the clean skin and leave for at least 30 minutes and wash off. You can also apply before bed and keep it overnight and wash off next morning.

5. Aloe Vera

via: ayurvedicsecrets
via: ayurvedicsecrets

Aloe vera works as an anti-inflammatory, decrease redness and swelling as well as reduce oiliness from the skin. It has antibacterial properties which fight against acne. It can be used alone or with several other substances like garlic or tea tree oil. If it is not available in your home, buy extracted gel.

  • Apply aloe vera gel on the pimple and leave till it get dry. Wash off with lukewarm water.

6. Cucumber


Cucumber is a rich in potassium and vitamins like A, C and E. It works as an anti-inflammatory and also helps to reduce the angry redness of pimples. It has a cooling and alleviating impact on the skin.

  • Mix finely grated cucumber with 2-3 tbsp. of lemon juice and apply to your skin. Leave for 15 minutes and wash off.
  • Cut 1-2 fresh cucumber into pieces and soak them in water for about an hour. All nutrients such as vitamin A, potassium and chlorophyll will transfer to the water. Strain the water and drink it. You can also wash your face with this drink.
  • Slice cucumber and apply that slice in your pimple. Leave it for 10 minutes and remove. You can wash it off if you like.

7. Steam


Steam can help soothe acne very well. It helps reduce acne and its glaring appearance. It opens up the pores and flushes out impurities which sit deep within the skin.  It also moisturizes and detoxifies your skin. Have steam for around 30 minutes but take break in-between and after that apply moisturizer.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar

via: hindustantimes
via: hindustantimes

Apple Cider Vinegar is a powerhouse for acne remedy. It kills off the bacteria which cause the acne in first place. It also becomes alkaline and balances the pH of the skin. Being astringent it will help to dry up excess oil. But don’t overdo it and dry out your skin excessively. Always dilute Apple Cider Vinegar before using.

  • Mix Apple Cider Vinegar with water in 1:3 ratios and dab a cotton ball into it. Apply on the affected area and leave for 10 minutes and wash off.

9. Egg white

via: m24digital
via: m24digital

Egg whites provide a cheap, easy and quick way to remove pimples. It also fades scars. They are full of protein and vitamins that both combat acne, and help to rebuild your skin cells. They also soak up excess oil which means excess sebum. But it may dry out your skin so use moisturizer after it.

  • Separate egg white from their yolk. Whip egg whites properly and apply it to the pimples using the fingers. Leave it to dry and reapply again. Repeat this 4 times and leave the final mask for 20 minutes. Then wash off properly and apply suitable moisturizer.

10. Papaya


Papaya is commonly found in many commercially produced beauty products. Raw papaya is an all-natural acne remedy that removes dead skin cells. It removes excess lipids from the surface of the skin and makes it soft and smooth. Papaya contains an enzyme called papain, which reduces inflammation and helps prevent the pus from forming. It helps to diminish irritation and make skin delicate and smooth.

  • Mash fresh papaya and make a smooth paste. Apply it to your face and leave for 20 minutes and wash off.
  • Mix papaya juice with honey and apply on the face. Leave for 15 minutes and wash it off.


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