Zika is a viral virus spread through mosquito bites. Its symptoms include joint pain, conjunctivitis and fever. Back in May 2015, the outbreak of this deadly virus led to some reports Guillain-Barre syndrome which has deadly effects on pregnancy. The effects include poor pregnancy outcomes and birth defects.

Due to its deadly nature, it is very important that pregnant mothers protect themselves from mosquitoes that administer these deadly Zika bites. Several ways you can prevent yourself from contracting the disease is outlined below.

11. Avoid Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes carrying this virus are very small and are very active during the day. They have been lived amongst humans’ beings so they know how and when to strike. If you are pregnant, it is advisable to stay indoors during the day and close all of your windows. These mosquitoes like hiding under beds, below tables or on couches. Ensure that you check even your hotel rooms when you are not spending the night at your home.

22. Use Natural Insect Repellents

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Most of the available organic mosquito repellants are very effective when used according to the descriptions. Some of the best repellants contain compounds like cedar, clove, eucalyptus, lavender, and mint rosemary or tea tree. Discus with your doctor about the available options for you, Lemon eucalyptus should never be used on children below the age of 3.

33. Treat Clothes with Essential Oils

On a daily basis, add around 15 drops of essential oils such as clove, eucalyptus, cedar and lavender on your clothes and wash them using simple Castile soap. Just wash the clothes normally. If you have go out, splash a few drops of these oils on your wrists and ankles and also on your clothes.

44. Consider Clothing Choices

If it is not very cold, it would be advisable to dress in long sleeved shirts and pants. This might be very difficult especially if you come from the tropics. However these clothes will prevent you from possible mosquito bites. This is very true especially if they are treated with the oils I talked about.

55. Control Mosquito Numbers

Most of the mosquitos near your hom4e u8suslly breed in water. Mosquitoes can easily be contained by draining any stagnant water. If you have pets, wash their dishes with a detergent which is going to easily kill the mosquito eggs. You can also consider burning mosquito repellant candles to keep them away.

66. Treat your clothes with permethrin spray


Make sure that you treat your clothes tents, shoes etc. with a nontoxic insecticide such as permethrin spray. It is a potent destroyer and mosquito repellant.

77. Abstain from sex or use a condom

In case your partner has visited an area prone to the Zika virus, it is vital to abstain from sex or always use a condom. The Zika virus is known to survive in semen even for months making it a sexually transmitted disease.

If you follow these steps you will greatly reduce the probability of contracting the Zika virus. Though you might not be capable of completely eliminating the risk, you will have at least minimized it. If you are living in a very prone area it is good to seek further medical advice.


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