One might not think that fitness has rules, but there are certainly ways to exercise and things to consider before setting out on such an adventure. Whether a newbie or an experienced fitness buff, here are the top 10 fitness rules to follow:

1. Drink Water Beforehand


You must consider hydration because it is the key to proper muscle functioning. The general rule is to drink your body weight in ounces each day, but intake before exercise is particularly important. Feel free to add something like mint for flavor, and as an added bonus, to boost oxygen to muscles and elevate your pain threshold.

2. Change Up Your Routine

The best rule that probably every trainer will tell you is to change your fitness regimen every 14 days. In addition, you’ll want to make your workouts harder over time by adding more weights, more repitions, more distance, or more speed. More importantly, try not to complete each workout exactly the same by incorporating small variations regularly if not on a daily basis.

3. Train In Intervals

Studies indicate that a 2:1 ratio of exercise to rest produces best results by increasing your maximum heart rate. This means you can spice up your training with some on and off times. It will not only increase the effectiveness of your workout, it will keep things interesting.

4. Combine With Healthy Eating


One cardinal rule in combining healthy eating with exercise is to avoid both binge eating and fasting. Fasting or reducing calories drastically will produce a drop in energy and an increase in your stress levels dramatically. It is best to eat the calories that are suitable for your level of activity. If you choose to eat foods that boost your metabolism, especially in the winter months, you’ll keep from plateauing as well.

5. Don’t Skip This Meal

You may not want it, but studies indicate you absolutely need to have an after-workout meal. Post-exercise nutrition is very important. Don’t think about skipping this meal simply to avoid the calories because your body needs a refueling to aid in recovering muscles, increasing energy, and crafting a leaner figure.

6. Don’t Work Out Mindless

The first thing to do when exercising is to pay attention to your muscles and your movements. By not having proper form or losing track of repetitions, you will diminish your daily results. Take time to enjoy the temporary burn that exercise provides knowing that it is making you stronger and more powerful.

7. Be Flexible With Your Goals

Thinking long-term is certainly one way people find the motivation to start and keep a new routine, But, aiming for a very specific target weight or body measurement will lead to disappointment and result in a drop in your motivation to keep going. Try smaller, more attainable goals to steady your results.

8. Work Smarter, Not Harder

We’ve all heard this adage, “Work Smarter, Not Harder.” You may wonder how to achieve that in exercise. When running, for example, keeping a fast cadence to your steps will increase endurance more than a long stride. So, consider your goals and research the best training method for achieving them before getting started. And, keep short term goals in mind so you are not overwhelmed or get discouraged easily.

9. Keep A Beach Body In Mind

The last thing you need is those unwanted winter pounds, so don’t slack in the winter by adding those extra calories during the holidays. You can keep an eye on your physique year-round by trying on summer clothes periodically. This will forewarn you of unwanted weight gain and remind you why you are doing exercise in the first place.

10. Find An Accountability Partner

Finally, we come to the most difficult for some to attain – finding an accountability partner or someone who partners with you to keep your routine in place and your goals in mind. This can be a friend or a trainer if you can afford it. Both are an excellent source of inspiration and motivation.


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