For most tobacco users, cravings to smoke can be very powerful. When an urge to use tobacco strikes, remember that even though it is intense, it is going to be short-lived. It will pass after a few minutes. Any time you successfully resist a tobacco craving, you get one step closer to quitting smoking for good. But this can be difficult. So one need to be self-conscious and determined.

Here are ten easy tips to help you get rid of tobacco or the urge to smoke.

1. Go for Nicotine Replacement Therapy

Talk to your doctor about what nicotine replacement therapy is all about. Nicotine nasal spray and inhaler are made available by prescription, as well as stop-smoking medications like bupropion and varenicline. Some types of NRT, like patches, gums, and lozenges, are sold as over-the-counter drugs.

2. Avoid Triggers

Urges for tobacco are usually at their strongest in situations where you are exposed to smoking or chewing tobacco often, like parties or bars. Identifying your trigger situations and having a plan to avoid or get through them without using will help you greatly to getting rid of tobacco cravings.

3. Chew on it

via: blogs.scientificamerican
via: blogs.scientificamerican

To fight off tobacco cravings, keep your mouth busy with something to chew. Chew sugarless gums or hard candy, eat raw carrots, nuts, celery or sunflower seeds.

4. Do Not Have Just One

You may be tempted to take just one cigarette in a day to satisfy your tobacco craving. But do not mislead yourself into thinking that you can stop taking at just one. Most of the time, having a single one leads to another— at the end, you may end up taking tobacco again.

5. Go to a Movie

via: themostbeautifulfraudintheworld.blogspot
via: themostbeautifulfraudintheworld.blogspot

Getting out to watch a movie for a few hours especially places where smoking isn’t allowed, such as a cinema, theater, or a museum, will help keep your mind off temptation.

6. Play a Game


Whether it is a board game or an outside game, games are good distractions when it comes to tobacco cravings. Playing outdoors is a good exercise as it gets you some fresh air. By playing outside with your child, you will be reminded of why it is important to quit tobacco use.

7. Listen to Music


Drinking water, relaxing and exercising, are three of the most important ways to fight cravings off. Whether it is reading, listening to music, or meditation, look for something that keeps you relax.

8. Have a Snack

Headache and hunger are both symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Eating some nutritious snacks during cravings will balance your blood sugar and give you a healthy boost. Try eating a handful of nuts or fresh fruit.

9. Take a Shower

via: examinedexistence
via: examinedexistence

Taking a hot shower or bath can soothe your cigarette cravings away. Brush your teeth after bathing so as to enjoy some new fresh taste. By the time you go out of the bathroom, the craving will have passed.


10. Find your Reason to Quit

To get motivated, you will need a powerful reason to quit smoking. It might be a bid to protect your family or lower your chances of developing lung cancer, or heart disease. It might be to feel and look younger. Pick a reason strong enough to outweigh your urge to smoke.


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