Tips to develop children brain

  1. Provide appropriate information to stimulate the brain cell

    According to scientific research in recent decades, there are about hundreds of millions of brain cells in the human brain and one in ten among them are very active. Every active brain cells have 20,000 branches, all of which connect with other tens of thousands of brain cells and transmit the information. All these connections depend on the perception and movement exercise at an early age. For example, the sweet smile, the soft touching embrace and decorate a colorful room is the better behaviors to stimulate babies’ brain.                                                                                             Based on scientific research, since the children are born, all kinds of good stimulation should be given to children to stimulate their brain so as to establish a good intelligence system as soon as possible. When babies are one year old, parents should make children watch the colors, the shapes, the sizes of a variety of objects and ask them to distinguish. When babies are two years old, parents should ask them to smell a variety of odor to stimulate the development of the olfactory cells. When kids are three years old, parents should ask your children to enjoy a variety of taste with his tongue so as to stimulate the development of taste cells. With the development of visual sense, tactile sense, sense of smell and taste sense, children’s intelligence would be developed very well.

Image Credit : Baby Mozard



2. Give them the enlightenment with the vivid language

During the development process, children’s thinking ways should be transformed from the specific and imaginal thinking to abstract thinking gradually. When doing the family education, parents should ask children to express their meaning with a complete sentence so as to develop children’s perception and acceptance of the language in an early time. For example, they would say the sentences such as a pen is used to write, we drink milk every day and so on. With vivid and innovative words, their understanding and memory can be promoted, finally, their creative power also developed during the process.

3. Develop the left brain and the right brain at the same time

As is known to all, the human brain can be divided into the left brain and right brain, both of which have different functions. The right hemisphere is responsible for processing rhythm, literature, images and imaginal thinking but what a pity most people’s right brain is not developed very well. Behaviors such as drawing, laboring, and sports training are the best way to develop the right brain intelligence.


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